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Aftereffects tutorials 

Looking into how to creating movement and smoking effect.

The starting shape was a chamfercylinder which has been sized to and tweeked to something similar to the district 9 spaceship. This was created from using the video above and then from the knowledge i got from it made the spaceship my own.

The changes i need to make at the top make two of the circlar levels slight slanted and make the above level smaller so that it looks more of a top level of a spaceship like the first image of my concept art research below. For the under cylinder piece i was thinking of   to give an interesting appearance.

A possible idea would be to make the pyramid like shape wider and taller as this might give a more intimidating effect. I also think for the final i could tweek the proportions so that the body is flatter and make the pyramid bit more promanant.

To start with i kept on having problems with cutting round the seperate objects and also since ive not dont it before how to select each detached shape to greeble. I also had problems with adding a mental ray plastic texture. I just could get the white colour to change to a dark grey look. I also would of liked to add glowing green lights under the ship and add small yellow lights on the the side of the shit like the one of my spaceship concept research.

What i would like to change is the pyramid like shape. It needs to be taller, the texture needs to be tweeked so that it looks more metal like. (starwars texture like) I also think i need to sort out varyence between greeble and i also want to add a coloured glow outline under the ship and make lights where the engine is.

Greeble Modifier

Greeble is a great way to create detailed small shapes on a spaceship and randomize it so that it doesnt look repeated but still surreal.

Helicopter Turbo Squid

It was suggested by one of our tutors that greeble was a great way of creating interesting textures for spaceships.

My hellcopter was sourced from Turbosquid. What i was planning on doing is using this and texturing it myself and then creating it myself for the final handin.

Using the angle snap toggle and keyframe animating the propellors moving.

This so that when you go into Curve editor you can change to linear which means it is a consistant speed and looping all the time.

What works to make an effective large dark spaceship is the bright blue lights contrasts against the black texture and small yellow lights that give it that unusual look. For  adding extra details creating some ribbed lines onto the bottom piece of the spaceship could be a more interesting idea than having it plain with a texture.

The doughnut shape design could be an interesting element to the under bit of my spaceship for dictirct 9. I also think 3 supports rectangles could work give a realistic appearance.

In thinking about textures I will this image into consideration because making the top texture lighter than the bottom can help emphasise a static images light and dark shading and makes it it that little more realistic. I also like the dark lines which create segmented panels to make an interesting texture.

What makes this intriging is the few colours and having harsh contrasts such as the black and red.

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Our team using the sony camera to do the interview footage in wana of the booked libruary study rooms. We got verbal permisson to shooting in the room.

Test – of lighting,exposure, pan and zoom/ main footage unedited

The angles are wide/long shot and also for some of the footage pan is used. In the main footage we did one long one to test for lighting which starts normal and goes lighter and tried going darker too,exposure we tested the harshness of it, pan and zoom.