Movie Effects – District 9 Video shoot Plans

Video Shoot Plans

For the Disrict 9 video shoot. I am thinking of possibly filming in either Woodhouse lane near Rampart lane or on the top level of Woodhouse Lane Car Park and using the area around it to create my filmed scene.

I also plan on taking some photos of my intended scene that I am going to film so that I get an idea for my storyboard and where abouts to shoot in my chosen location.

 woodhouse lane near rampart road

The reason for choosing Woodhouse Lane is because its a fairly steep hill where you can over look lots of houses for miles which is going to be useful when trying to give the illusion of a massive spaceship. Its near a road that dips down low . Which could be good to re create the few second clip of the cars.

looking down rampart road

The reason for the Woodhouse Lane Car park is because of the height of the building and also it could give that dramatic alien attack city effect. I also think if I get the right time of day. The look over the car park will give stunning horizon.

woodhouse lane carpark

I am also going to use of the HD video camera as required by the brief to be in HD and get a risk assessment form and fill it in for off campus and either Sony or the other camera.. As your allowed to have team members help you film. I have chosen Nathan burns and James hindle.

Another possible location could be 113 ramshead drive in seacroft. This is another option instead of the car park as it is going through maintence.

My Photos

Found the handle part of the tri pod very useful in controlling speed of the camera. Fortunately on the day it was a little misty but to a slight advantage gave me the horizon i needed.




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