Movie Effects – District 9 Research (1982 – 1991)

Blade Runner (1982)

Blade Runner police car

The space police car I think was created in 3D Studio Max with hi poly as there is a high level of detail. It is visually intriguing as some elements you can recognise from a normal police car such as there is a similarities such the spherical shape at the back of the space car looks like a wheel but instead of it being for driving its used to land/park.

3D Cityscape

This depicts a futuristic building well. This is because of its sheer size and as you can see there is a aircraft landing strip. I also think the use of small and fairly big patterned yellow light contrasted against the black walls gives a modern appearance alongside the light of the 3d buildings helps to confirm that it is.

Similar city to Los Angeles

What works well is the the use of familiar american buildings from Los Angeles that some times in scene in films and mixing it with come 3d buildings to make the city look more realistic because its something that known and not all complete CGI. The cityscape looks like it has some bearing on Los angeles this because of the design of the classic comic style window pane on the some of the buildings.

Police Chase

The futuristic police car is effective because it still has similar elements as normal police car such as the same structure, the police light are the same place the top. This helps the viewer to relate to the 3D design. What makes it striking is its lights either side of the centre part. This because it looks unusual and has create shape. I also think theres similarity to los angeles. In the way that buildings are structure and also the light in the dark looks like.,r:11,s:0

Terminator 2 Judgement day (1991)

Behinds scenesTerminator 2 judge day directed by James Cameron. The film is well known for its breakthroughs in visual effects such as its natural human motion for computer generated characters in 1991. What I thought was interesting is the use of hand crafted effects which depicted metal coming through the terminators skin and the skill that went into making it look surreal and also most CGI like.

Terminator Scene

To be more efficient in where my is spent Is cheaper to create a CGI model than create a robot physically. Techniques such as motion capture would be used to animate simultaneous  terminators moving at once. The appearance of the piece of the terminator brings strong bearing on humans which sometimes can be frightening and also dwelling on the point where will robots replace humans?.The use of red eyes depicts warnings as red is often used and conveys that this character could be dangerous.

Evil Terminator Cloth simulator

The effects I think they used were a cloth simulation in 3DS Max do give the effect of the floor reaching up and at the same time key framed with the 3d human with metal effect rising out of the ground. What’s striking Is how they might of used a cloth simulator in 3Ds Max to give the impression the evil terminator is forming into a human shape out of the ground.


What I like about the spaceship from terminator is the silver texture which is kept simple clean looking. The use of a lighting effect from After effects make the spaceship look more surreal.


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