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The I think I am going to do my plan is to plan out what I am going to in 4 week increments as I find it hard to plan a whole project before I even know what I am doing.

week 1

The beginning  of Movie Effects project. We a had a numerous amount of choice and I decided that I would do District 9. As I wanted to improve my modelling skills and relearn what I had accomplish in the first year as we had along holiday. I am also going to research into movies similar to district and outline the effects that had been used.

week 2 

This week I am going to look into doing my planning at the start of the week as what I am going to do for my video shooting such as places to shoot my footage of district 9 in Leeds by looking on google maps and screen shot the chosen locations if undecided. After looking at that photos that I have taken I intend to do a storyboard to outline the effect shots so that its helps me when I come to do the actual I know what how I am doing it. Along side that I plan on furthering my research into Animation and Special Effects and Video Production such looking into films like Chicken little (2005) and The film Skyline.

Week 3

Week before Pitch presentation. I intend to get some examples of helicopters from the web and try and draw my own example for me to re-create but as basic version as it will progress through out the project in 3Ds Max. For the presentation I am going to show a basic example and a drawing of what my final might look like and do the same for my spaceship. I plan on sources the images for the textures of the 3d models and also look at tutorials if needed when I get stuck.

After one of my sessions this week I will need to collect a risk assessment form so that when it comes to using the camera I can get it straight away.

What also could be useful is getting a camera and taking photos of where my scene is going to such as looking at places in my local area like Woodhouse Lane near rampart road which over looks houses and since its quite high a good long distance which is perfect. What also could be a good place to do my filming is at the top of Woodhouse Car park near Dry dock as it over looks most of Leeds City centre. I think since its a public place I might need to ask permission before I do my filming so what going to do is see if I can get an email or if no permission is needed just state it.

week 4

After the presentation. I am going to further my 3D models and get them completed to finals and also document the stages as I go along. The final decision as to whether I chose Woodhouse lane car park or Woodhouse Lane near rampart road will be decided and also any thing that what said in the presentation take on board and improve my work.

I am also going to do examples how i do my 3D helicopter in the form of a series of screen shots. I also think i could refine my spaceship drawing so that it is made clear what my final is going to look like.

week 5

I intend to look at artists and concept at that helps me to create my outcomes such as concept art for my spaceship. This will help influence my design.

week 6

 I am next going to hire out a camera and fill in a risk assement form with Greg and Nathan from my course they are doing the same district 9 project. Our chosen location is on woodhouse lane near the libruary pub. We also chose the Sony HD camera as it was suggested easier than the cannon due to the fact it has less setting but for this project HD,zooming and panning technique.

week 7

After filming. I am going to capture the footage and then alter the size and reduce noise Premiere cs5.Also sourcing tutorials and documenting them on my blog to help me process further with software and how i am going to create tests and trials for the final sequence.

week 8

This week Intend to finalise my 3d spaceship and any small tweeks and then greeble and texture the spaceship. I intend to source turbosquid for this hand in but for the final possibly create my own 3d version. Using the turbosquid helicopter in 3ds max I animated the propellers and added a loop so that it looks like its moving fast. I also could make my own texture for the helicopter so that i get marks for that. Google large images or taking pictures of my own textures will need to be the next step.

week 9

After footage has been captured it was then imported into afteraffects to be color graded in a style that came from a tutorial sourced on youtube. This is to image the quality of image. The colour grading will need to be trials and errored with and without the spaceship and all the other elements so that its perfect for the final sequence.

week 10,11,12:

For the remaining weeks it was a case of refining each element and getting it ready to be finalised and submitted.

16/12/11 deadline handin