Week 2

After previously looking at what Sci fi was. I’m now looking into some early 1960’s Marvel Comics characters. What strikes me is its symbolisation on costumes this is because of its clever way to jolt the memory of what the character’s appearance is about and describes simply some of its attributes together such as Spidermans agileness which stirred from a Spider. Experimenting in my sketchbook I have tried depicting a character which uses mushroom characteristics such as shoots spore which give effects such as drowsiness as a power and being quick and secretive.

The style also reflects dark and harsh detailed shading which comes from Marvel comics. I also felt that I should look at artists work starting from 1960’s because this when comics started to become popular and this industry really started to advance.

I’ve also been outlining the fundamentals of what the project is about, what make story is about  and why I have gone for that particular theme.


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