Week 1

At the start of the movie project I had chosen Sci Fi this is because I wanted to be able to illustrate and demonstrate characters and environments. Which can be explain by science and also making it that little more realistic. My first aim was to get an understanding of what my genre is and looking into past movies such as Godzilla because I liked the ideas of basing it in a city but having some futuristic elements to capture my interest for my chosen theme “overcoming the monster”. I went for this because I am interested in menacing monsters and also heroic characters to draw and would make an good grounding for other projects to come.

Then researching into Mark Verhaagen. Which intrigued me because of his interesting use of colour within the eye and could be a unique point for a character to have bright coloured eyes. Looking into Hr Giger’s artwork I felt that his dark and creepy illustrations would be perfect for experimenting into what a monster could look like.


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