Monthly Archives: December 2010

The week before xmas holidays. I’ve been filling in paragraph gaps in research pages and I also notice that I might needed more movies to analyse so that it elaborates more on what a concept is and colour/ shading. I think I could improve my sense of proportion by doing a study on Giovanni Civardi  to get an understanding of the body so that it helps when using Sculptris to create my character and monster. I’ve also scanned in images from my sketchbook to show examples of rough designs and to document what I have done to then put on to my website with the name of my movie concept.


Starting to build on what I had and just develop things further on 3ds max but might consider having a go at Maya 2011 for Macs. As I dont have a pc unless in Uni. I am also doing some screenshots to show a few stages of how I am creating my artwork.

In class we have been looking at colour the theory and what colours work to complement each other plus also giving what type of mood. We did this by being given an image of a figure to colour by using the fill bucket and also using the burn and dodge tool to lighten or darken areas to give a semi 3D appearance.

Now that I have established what type of monster i’m looking for. I shall scan in examples to show rough concepts and also show them on the website. Before I put them on I will need to put them into Photoshop and clean the image up.

For my website I have taken inspiration from a website called and as these sites have really high standard for people who want to showcase there work on it and is a well respected site for Graphic and Design.


Beginning to focus on what I want my finals to look like and looking into what type of environment and what it should look like. I’m also doing more concepts which could possible be done into more development with 3DS Max so that I can show development work and show the last stages of my project. However I think I need to do some more research into environments to see whether there might be an efficient look for the buildings but still have them look brilliant. I think a possible artist to look into would be Frank Miller because of his concept of using a black and white environment , having a high contrasting character’s which look interesting  and the use of shading.

By week four I started off by looking into what are the difference’s between fantasy monsters and Sci Fi and going into the comparisons. My main inspiration for my concept art is from an artist called Kekai Kotaki. After I started to look into more classical monsters such as dragons and researching into what different types there are. Also doing a study of what my monster could look like after taking inspiration from others concept art.

Next a short introduction into what concept art is?. Then detailing what it is so that I know how to layout/draw concept art. As part of our brief we were asked to create an offline website which hosts a portfolio of work and is easy to navigate.

My first steps was to look at existing sites such as and which are websites which people put up a portfolio work to be sold or commented on and is also a respected site within graphic design and web design. From looking at these sites I have found that using grid lines to positioning type and imagery is key to making visuals pleasing to the eye. I also think using fewer types of typography give a more sophisticated look and not visually misleading. Another thing I noticed is that


After previously looking at what Sci fi was. I’m now looking into some early 1960’s Marvel Comics characters. What strikes me is its symbolisation on costumes this is because of its clever way to jolt the memory of what the character’s appearance is about and describes simply some of its attributes together such as Spidermans agileness which stirred from a Spider. Experimenting in my sketchbook I have tried depicting a character which uses mushroom characteristics such as shoots spore which give effects such as drowsiness as a power and being quick and secretive.

The style also reflects dark and harsh detailed shading which comes from Marvel comics. I also felt that I should look at artists work starting from 1960’s because this when comics started to become popular and this industry really started to advance.

I’ve also been outlining the fundamentals of what the project is about, what make story is about  and why I have gone for that particular theme.